Practice for Trauma & Body Psychotherapy

Rudolf Müller-Schwewfe

Growth – Recovery – Healing

My work is committed to the process of recovery, growth and healing. It has different aspects.

Therapy of anxiety, fear and panic: The Panic Project for quickly coping with panic attacks, EMDR, EFT and body psychotherapy for the therapy of phobias and fears.

Trauma Therapy: EMDR & body-oriented trauma therapy after acute as well as long-ago traumatic experiences, for all trauma-related disorders.

Psychosomatics: Radix body psychotherapy and functional analysis help with psychosomatic and so-called “somatoform” complaints, disorders or illnesses.

Burnout: The body-psychotherapeutic development of basic competencies (physical, emotional, mental) and the liberation of old patterns enable the deepening of the pulsation and healthy self-regulation.

Coaching: Support for self-development in a professional or personal context, for individuals and teams.

Training, further education & supervision: This is how I pass on my knowledge, my experience and my understanding of the work (also in some publications).

Practice & Contact

In person I work in Waldkirch near Freiburg at the Psychotherapeutische Praxis, Schillerstr. 16, 79183 Waldkirch, phone +49 7681 4670911 Online sessions via zoom